Visualize Your Cloud Infrastructure Performance in Seconds

  • High Resolution Web App Monitoring
    Track web application performance in real time and eliminate false alarms utilizing the fastest test frequency available across 15 global test stations. Measure performance metrics including application response time, CopperEgg, and webpplication health as often as every 15 seconds from each station. Test and measure HTTP, HTTPS, or other TCP services. Isolate issues between website application tiers. Easily monitor total response time or analyze response time by time to first byte, connect, transfer, and by testing station.
  • End User Experience Monitoring
    Understand how applications are performing at the user level with real user transaction monitoring. Troubleshoot user-experience issues in two clicks or less and drill down into correlated performance data by related servers, web apps, databases, browsers, geographic locations, and more to find the root cause of issues. Detect sudden changes in web app performance, get a quick overview of total application performance, and analyze Apdex, AJAX, response time, load, among other metrics.
  • Data Visualization
    Get a quick overview of total application performance with consolidated dashboards. Leverage a single health index number that combines CopperEgg with response time to get the best assessment of web app performance. Use unified views to quickly connect website, web app, and web services issues directly to associated server processes. Quickly identify issues or potential issues with easy-to-read green, yellow, and red health monitors. Save time identifying potential issues with CopperEgg’s health index number – a weighted calculation considering your most critical performance metrics. See periods of high latency/response time that may be indications of trouble. View historical data up to one year to prepare for future web app performance.
  • Database Monitoring
    Collect data on databases, such as MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Riak, Redis, and more, to pinpoint the origin of application slow downs. Tag systems, applications, web apps, and websites that are related to the database to prioritize alert notifications and to group related infrastructure.
  • Custom Metrics
    Collect, analyze, and alert on any metric whether you send us custom metrics or choose from our scripts. Use our RESTful API to report on success/failure results, queue depths, loads, counts, business metrics, temperature, and more. Pull custom metrics into dashboard views for at-a-glance health checks.
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