29 08, 2019

Accolite Inc completes the acquisition of CopperEgg Corp

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Accolite Inc completes the acquisition of CopperEgg Corp, a privately-held cloud based infrastructure performance monitoring solution. Accolite Inc, headquartered in Dallas, is a global leader in providing cutting edge digital transformation services to customers ranging from fast-growing startups to the Fortune 100. The acquisition now offers both Accolite and CopperEgg customers an integrated platform towards infrastructure maintenance and performance monitoring by combining CopperEgg’s proprietary unified monitoring solution with Accolite’s infrastructure services. The acquisition furthers Accolite’s offerings by providing customers with: Unified monitoring to identify performance issues across corporate IT infrastructure hosted across a broad range of environments including AWS, Microsoft Azure, [...]

29 07, 2019

CopperEgg API

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Go to: for documentation and sample code for CopperEgg server monitoring and website monitoring

29 07, 2019

Monitor a Remote Server using SSH

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  Monitor a Remote Server using SSH Are your scripts using SSH to connect to a remote server to perform automated operations on a regular basis? As an illustration, you can now monitor SSH connectivity to your remote server using IDERA Uptime Cloud Monitor to ensure that the server is accessible via SSH and is not overloaded. You can configure and receive alerts for the following scenarios: Availability of the Remote Server via SSH: Alert if the remote server is not available via SSH or if the SSH ping takes longer than 5 seconds High load on the Remote Server: If [...]

28 07, 2019

Premium Support

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Premium Customer Support provides customers with a committed Plan spend of $500 USD or more a month with CopperEgg 1 business hour response time to email based support. Please note that business hours are 6am to 6pm Central US time, Monday throu

29 07, 2019

Windows Collector version 3.0.99. and 3.0.100

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We have rolled out two releases for Windows collector to support higher TLS versions. Our earlier collector (version 3.0.98) was built with an older .NET version which used TLSv1.0 as default. Due to this, in case TLSv1.0 was not available, the collector was having issues. Since TLSv1.0 have deprecated, we are upgrading collectors to support higher TLS version. The new collector released (version 3.0.100) is built targeting .NET version 4.6 which supports TLSv1.2 and will work with whatever is the default TLS version of your system. Pre-requisite of using this collector is .NET version 4.6 and above. In case your system is not having .NET [...]

29 07, 2019

Production Release and Fixes

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Deployment Date - 10/08/2018 CE-2608 - WebApp (Bacon) code optimization Summary - Allow parallel processing of WeApp Daemon Code. Fix - Fix the daemon for handling WebApp (Bacon) code to allow multiple worker processes to operate in parallel CE-3404 - Filter on Issue Trends is not working as expected. Summary - In Issue Trends page (under Alerts) if filtering is done using Tags as well Date range only Date Range is being honored and Tag filter restrictions are ignored. Fix - Fix UI bug in the JS Code CE-3415 - Live filter options are not being displayed for Web App details. Summary - In [...]

29 07, 2019

New AWS EC2 Cost Report now available!

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Using CopperEgg, you can now generate an AWS EC2 cost report for your AWS account. This gives you a summary of AWS Costs for all EC2 instances and displays the total charges under different reservation scenarios. To generate an EC2 cost report for your account, follow these steps : Login to your CopperEgg instance and navigate to AWS Tab. Click on ‘Cost Reports’ option. To generate a report, click on ‘New Report’ button. Figure 1: Opening the Cost Report section under AWS tab If you open Cost reports from Overview section, you will see list of all your AWS accounts linked to your CopperEgg account. [...]

29 07, 2019

Monitor Apache Couch DB for Availability and Performance

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Monitor Apache CouchDB for Availability and Performance Are you using Apache CouchDB in your application? You can use IDERA Uptime Cloud Monitor to monitor your Apache CouchDB for availability and performance. As an illustration, you can configure and receive alerts for the following scenarios: Performance: alert if the Apache CouchDB performance is poor. If the request_time value is significantly above its normal range, that would imply that the Apache CouchDB server is under heavy load. Prerequisites Uptime Cloud Monitor from IDERA(UCM) offers a SAAS based out-of-the-box solution for monitoring Apache CouchDB for performance and availability. If you are not familiar with [...]

28 07, 2019

Monitor Memcached for Availability and Performance

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Are you using Memcached Distributed Memory Cache in your application? You can use CopperEgg to monitor your Memcached Installation for availability and performance. As an illustration, you can configure and receive alerts for the following scenarios: Availability: alert if the Memcached instance is no longer available. If the Server CopperEgg value falls to 0, it implies that the server is no longer available for monitoring. If the auth_errors is abnormally high, that indicates that too many Authentication Requests are failing, possibly because the Memcached installation is under attack by a hacker. Performance: alert if the Memcached instance performance is poor. If the curr_connections value (Open Connections count) is significantly above [...]