Uptime Cloud Monitor Videos

Learn all about Uptime Cloud Monitor through our how-to videos.

Uptime Cloud Monitor is an all-in-one software-as-a-service designed and priced to ensure that organizations can effectively react to infrastructure performance issues.

Cloud Monitoring

Overview of Uptime Cloud Monitor’s Server Monitoring, Website Performance, and Application Metrics.

Installing Uptime Cloud Monitor on Windows

Uptime Cloud Monitor’s simple install lets you get your systems up and running instantly.

Add Users to Your Site

See how simple it is to add other users to your Uptime Cloud Monitor site, either as admins or read-only.

Details & History

Drill down into what is happening now in Real-time and what happened up to 30 days ago.

Uptime Cloud Monitor Website Monitoring

Website monitoring with response time analytics. Real-time data, ops-centric, multi-user

Exploring Real-time Processes

Learn how to drill down into processes on your systems.

Label Your Systems

Easily rename your systems on your Uptime Cloud Monitor site.

Uptime Cloud Monitor 10-Second Install

See Eric install Uptime Cloud Monitor in less than 10 seconds, actual install time is 5.26 seconds!

Installing Uptime Cloud Monitor on Linux & Mac

See how simple it is to get Uptime Cloud Monitor installed in literally seconds, with our cut and paste install

Tag Your Systems

Tagging your systems allows for easy filtering, sending alerts to discrete groups or specific systems, or restricting views of read-only users.

Add Alerts

Create custom alerts across your entire environment.

Uptime Cloud Monitor vs. CloudWatch

A quick walkthrough on the important differences between real-time and everything else.

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